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  1. Red Tash
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    I’m so envious. My entire life, I have never had the time to even give D&D a try–at least, not when I knew anyone else who played it. Have fun!
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  2. PlatinumWarlock
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    You’re a braver soul than I. I remember those days of playing 2e back in 7th grade, and the revelations that came about when 3.0 hit in 2000.

    While I think that older games have much to teach us in the way of GM narrative and player ingenuity, the sheer clunkiness of the systems (even in the OSR) tend to ignore several decades of innovation and mechanical improvements. There are great things about all games–even Heroes Unlimited!–but it’s a matter of picking what works best for the type of game you want to put forward.

    Oh…and 3d6 down the line? Ouch…
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  3. burnedfx
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    Isn’t it wonderful to finally be creating your own scenarios? ;]

    Although I disagree with the “clunkiness” remark that PW puts forward, I do agree that it does come down to what game system is going to work best for the group.

    Matt’s quick primer is an awesome articulation of what it’s all about and I’m happy you found that.

    I’ve never had any experience with the Player Challenge series, but for group play (since you are interested in giving it another go), I’d recommend B2 – Keep on the Borderlands. You’ve got plenty of room to develop the keep and there is more than just the Caves of Chaos to explore.

    I’m looking forward to reading about your future attempts.

    @PW: To be fair, you don’t actually state what system you are referring to, but then later go on to mention Heroes Unlimited. With that in mind, I would agree the Palladium system is indeed a mess.

  4. Geoffrey
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    now I feel old. and I don’t even see myself as a real old school gamer…
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  5. Lord Rays of House Vipera
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    I think it would be fairly entertaining to see just how not dead player ingenuity is. You could probably start a pretty lengthy thread about tactics used to succeed without a rogue archetype in the party.

    1. Vial Acid for those pesky metal locks
    2. 20 lbs iron sphere (also referred to as the orc shot-put) used to roll on ground to detect pit traps and pressure plates.

  6. Mike
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    AD&D solo adventures are great – just 1 player and 1 DM. I think you will absolutely adore them. Check out the review of all six of them on this page http://retrorpglibrary.blogspot.com/2011/10/ad-2nd-edition-solo-adventures.html

  7. drow
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    the old school way doesn’t assume four or more party members, because you may only have half that number of survivors at any time.

    the old school way burns out the lock with acid when the thief can’t pick it. and if you don’t have acid, burn out the door with oil and fire, or just smash it down.

    the old school way calls a hoard of gold and platinum coins “winning”, not “ridiculous”.


  8. Eldrad Wolfsbane
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    Perception Roll? You roll a D6 and if the result is 1 or 2 you are surprised. Unless you were stating you were being extra perceptive. Need a perception roll? Roll Wis or Int or less? Why didn’t you just make a ruling?

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