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  1. Daniele
    Daniele at | | Reply

    :) many thanks for the good review!
    I see you’re disappointed by the lack of a printable character sheet.

    The truth behind that is that I suck when it comes to design, I tried but wasn’t able to design a nice looking character sheet in HTML nor in Editable PDF.

    If you happen to know somebody able to do that ( for free, of course :D ) well… let me know.

    1. Michael Wellman
      Michael Wellman at | | Reply

      If you’d like assistance with this worthy project, let me know. I’ve been programming for 11 years now (though mostly C++/Java) so I’m sure I can find some ways to help.

      1. Daniele
        Daniele at | | Reply

        Of course I need assistance :) I always do.

        If you want, contact me on the G+ pages

        or add an issue here:

        specifying that you want to help and what you can do.

        For starters I recommend to download the code and try to hack on it :)

        PS for the reviewer. As Version 2.6.1 shugenja got spell list on pdf sheet! :D

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