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Deadlands Pre-gens: The Magnificent Seven Character Folio

The Magnificent Seven (and that other guy) is a free download for Gamemasters in need of a quick and fun pre-generated group of characters for their next one-shot or con session. Featuring Eight unique Seasoned Wild Card Character Sheets, writable and ready to print Archetypal character concepts based on the iconic Hero, Lancer, Big Guy, […]


Fighter’s Challenge: DCC Conversion Pt. 1

I bought a copy of the 2nd ed AD&D module HHQ 1: Fighter’s Challenge (for $2.98–win) to give Eric and I something to play when our friends were busy and it was just the two of us. For fun, we thought it would be cool to try using Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG to run it, […]


Free RPG Day 2012

Today being my first day off since Saturday, I can finally talk about what was my second RPG day ever personally, and my first RPG day at Dragon’s Den in Poughkeepsie. My friends had talked it up for weeks. You roll a giant inflated d20 and win prizes at the door. There’s hot sales going […]


Peas-o-Matic for DCC RPG

I was thinking about creating a 0-level character generator for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, but the good mages over at Purple Sorcerer Games have already done a bang-up job. You simply choose whether you want Hard-mode or Power-mode 0-level characters and voila, you get a spiffy PDF with four characters, replete with stats, occupation, […]


Why I Won’t Rewrite Your Character

Today’s article on Gnome Stew seems more than apt to describe the inner conflict I have brewing in my own campaign right now, but serves as a reminder as to why I had to let the players choose what they wanted and not force any particular character (or in this case, race) on them. Thursday […]