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  1. shortymonster
    shortymonster at | | Reply

    Gotta love free stuff, especially of this quality. Might be time to dust off some Deadlands, just as an excuse to use the characters.
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  2. Ralf
    Ralf at | | Reply

    Cool stuff. High Quality.
    I only detected the old guy<s saber should do damage of d4+d5, because the weapons die is limited to the strenght die.

    I was somewhat confused by the thoughness stats (especially the big guy, with brawny), maybe you should somewhere note down the FINAL toughness stat. for example 6(1) like in most official books. Somewhat quicker in game.

  3. derfinsterling
    derfinsterling at | | Reply

    Awesome. My gang of six will get together for Blood Drive and we will use your characters to jump right into the action.
    Kudos, sir!

  4. Coreworlder
    Coreworlder at | | Reply

    The links appears to have broken. Any chance of getting this file reuploaded?

  5. Coreworlder
    Coreworlder at | | Reply

    Ah! Clicking on the image gets me the file, but clicking on “click here” does not. I’m guessing you uploaded a replacement version and missed updating one of the links.

    I’ve had a quick glance at them and they look good, now to read them properly.

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