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On Introducing Players to the Hobby

Because so many new members indicated that they had never played but were eager to learn, the Guild is trying something new: setting aside a one-shot night exclusively to welcoming and teaching brand new players (and players who haven’t gamed in a while, or ones who aren’t familiar with D&D 3.5/4e). In addition to the […]


Back with the Guild

So back in my junior year of college, I think it was, I was the president of my college gaming club and had a blast. After taking nearly two years off from school, I’m back on campus, and was asked to be president again for one semester so that the VP can focus on her […]


Kickstarter: Wild Card Creator

I have to admit that I know the designer personally (he succeeded me as president of the Wittenberg Role-playing Guild and is an excellent addition to the table as both a GM and player), but even so his latest project is just plain awesome. More fully-integrated and streamlined than online Savage Worlds Character Generators, less […]