31 Days of NaNoPrepMo: Day 1


31-Days-of-NaNoPrepMo-by-Katrina-OstranderDay 1: Why do you want to write 50k words in 30 days?

Writing habits. First things first: what’s driving you to want to participate in NaNoWriMo? Do you want to get started on that novel you keep thinking about? Do you want to develop a daily writing practice? Improve your craft? Beat your friends to the finish line? What’s the ultimate goal for the draft you’re going to produce? Is it something you want to eventually polish and send out to the Big Five? Self-publish?

If you define for yourself exactly what you want out of this shindig, you can be intentional when it comes time to make decisions pertaining to the rest of the prep and the writing itself.

Action Plan: Try to distill your motivation into a one-sentence mission statement and put it on a post-it note on your monitor. Or make it the dedication on the first page of your journal. Or take a picture frame, grab a marker, trace or write your mission statement on the glass pane, print out a picture or something as a background, and voila, you’ve made yourself a cute little framed quote you can set up on your desk.

The important thing is to identify what you want to achieve by doing NaNoWriMo. That way, when you’re getting stuck, you have a touchstone to ground yourself with.

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