profile-picTripleCrit has been the personal collection of musings, resources, and ramblings by Katrina Ostrander since 2011. The name refers to the concept of a triple threat in football or theater, as well as the RPG house rule that says if you roll three natural 20’s in a row you instantly kill whatever you were attacking. Here, the three “threats” are the three ways I express my creativity: writing, roleplaying, and gamemastering. Each is a unique vehicle for storytelling with its own challenges and rewards.

I started this blog during the year and a half I took off from college, back when I was still a relatively green Game Master and an aspiring writer and game developer. I blogged about converting my friends into gamers and the campaigns we shared, as well as the resources I used to become a better writer, roleplayer, and Game Master.

After going back to Wittenberg University to complete my political science degree, I applied to become an Associate RPG Producer at Fantasy Flight Games and was hired in January of 2013. Since then I’ve served as the lead developer on half a dozen roleplaying game supplements for the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion game lines, and I’ve contributed additional writing and development to a handful of other RPG projects. I haven’t had as much time to blog, but when I do they tend to be advice articles for other GMs and freelancers in the industry.

In early 2014 I leapt at the chance to become the company’s Fiction Editor, although I still represent the RPG department at conventions and events like Gen Con and Rebellion Day. I still run and play in far too many RPG campaigns to count, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I’ve stepped up the number of writing-related posts and expect that trend will continue for the foreseeable future.

There’s a lot I can’t talk about related to my job, but I’m always happy to blog about writing, roleplaying, and gamermastering more generally. If you’d like to get in touch, mention me on Twitter @lindevi or use the contact form on this blog!


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