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TripleCrit has been the personal collection of musings, resources, and ramblings by Katrina Ostrander since 2011. The name refers to the concept of a triple threat in football or theater, as well as the RPG house rule that says if you roll three natural 20’s in a row you instantly kill whatever you were attacking. Here, the three “threats” are the three ways I express my creativity: writing, roleplaying, and gamemastering. Each is a unique vehicle for storytelling with its own challenges and rewards.

I started this blog during the year and a half I took off from college, back when I was still a relatively green Game Master and an aspiring writer and game developer. I blogged about converting my friends into gamers and the campaigns we shared, as well as the resources I used to become a better writer, roleplayer, and Game Master.

After going back to Wittenberg University to complete my political science degree, I applied to become an Associate RPG Producer at Fantasy Flight Games and was hired in January of 2013. Since then I’ve served as the lead developer on half a dozen roleplaying game supplements for the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion game lines, and I’ve contributed additional writing and development to a handful of other RPG projects. I haven’t had as much time to blog, but when I do they tend to be advice articles for other GMs and freelancers in the industry.

In early 2014 I leapt at the chance to become the company’s Fiction Editor, although I still represent the RPG department at conventions and events like Gen Con and Rebellion Day. I still run and play in far too many RPG campaigns to count, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I’ve stepped up the number of writing-related posts and expect that trend will continue for the foreseeable future.

There’s a lot I can’t talk about related to my job, but I’m always happy to blog about writing, roleplaying, and gamermastering more generally. If you’d like to get in touch, mention me on Twitter @lindevi or use the contact form on this blog!

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Katrina Ostrander is a twenty-something gamer chick, game master, and fiction editor working at Fantasy Flight Games. Her previous credits include work as a game developer on the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion roleplaying game lines. When she's not gaming (or working, which is practically same thing), she enjoys reading, writing, singing karaoke and trying craft beers.

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