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Note: The views expressed on this site are expressly the opinion of Katrina J. Ostrander and do not reflect the views of her employer, Fantasy Flight Games. All reviews were written prior to January 2013.

Here on Triple Crit I use a simple three-point system of poor, good, and great. You either recommend something, recommend it highly, or don’t recommend it at all. I didn’t see the need to get into 5 or 10 point systems, much less 100 points, as people tend to get arbitrary when presented with too many options anyway.

3/3 Crits: Great

Exemplary, "the best," definitely recommended

If a product has earned the highest rating, it comes with Lindevi’s strongest recommendation. The product is illuminating or groundbreaking. It looks sharp and is painstakingly edited for grammar and style. There’s something you’ll take with you from the work, with the potential to really change your perceptions of the topic. And it’s definitely worth your money. See the list of reviews with 3/3 Crits here.

2/3 Crits: Good

Not perfect, but still recommended!

Lindevi still recommends products with the middle grade, with the caveat that your mileage may vary. It doesn’t stand out in your mind the way the Triple Crits do. There may be slight production issues or the media is missing something to be considered “complete” or “polished.” But these are forgivable, and do not take away from the piece as a whole. It’s worth it, in terms of both your time and money. Overall, you will enjoy the product and at least find it useful, perhaps more or less than she has. See the list of reviews with 2/3 Crits here.

1/3 Crits: Poor

Uninspired or unoriginal; not recommended.

Lindevi reviews these items so that you don’t have to. Generally, you won’t feel satisfied or may not finish the work at all. You definitely have pangs of “buyer’s remorse.” Layout, typographical, or content issues disrupt the reading/listening/viewing experience. Then again, one woman’s trash is another man’s treasure, so you will likely disagree with some of her ratings. See the list of reviews with 1/3 Crits here.

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