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Craft Sizzling Social Intrigue Encounters with these Five Tips

If you’re like most game masters, you probably got your start running dungeon crawls. But after a dozen or so sessions, when the player characters are ready to emerge from the darkness and step into the limelight of society, the skills you’ve used to run dungeons don’t quite translate to court scenes. Crafting a compelling […]


Find Your Ideal RPG Campaign Organization Method

Are you gearing up to run a new RPG campaign this fall? Do you need to get a better handle on your long-running game? Let us help you choose the campaign management option that best suits your group’s needs and your personal prep style. Read more at Geek & Sundry


Don’t Let Fear or Anxiety Keep You Out of the GM’s Chair

As with any activity that requires you to perform in front of other people, GMing can be nerve-wracking. Some amount of nervousness is to be expected, but when your fears overwhelm you and you consider cancelling the session at the last minute, you can unwittingly put your entire campaign in jeopardy. Many of us creative […]


Mini RPG Campaign Template: Session 2

Last session, as GM you introduced the players to the world just before setting it on fire. You gave them a glimpse of the villain’s plans and showcased the stakes of failure. Now, you’ve set the Player Characters loose in a brave new world so they can begin to get or learn what they need […]


5 Things I Learned from Running D&D for Kids, Teens, and Tweens

Are you considering running a roleplaying game for kids? You can create a more supportive environment for the kids, reduce your own anxiety, and foster the kids’ creativity and love of the hobby by learning from my past mistakes. In my previous post, How Not to Run D&D for Kids, Teens, and Tweens, I wrote […]