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Day 23: System Mechanics, Setting, and Story

Ask Star Wars roleplayers which system best evoked the feel of the movies for them, and you’ll likely to get four different answers. What makes the WEG d6 system more “Star Wars-y” than Saga Edition with its d20s or Edge of the Empire with its custom dice? It’s a personal preference, but that it’s a […]


Japanese Language Resources for Graphic Designers

It may be a surprise (not so much if you ever look at my bookshelves), but I graduated Witt with a minor in Japanese. Funnily enough, I do still use what I learned from my time in language classes, but I remember more of the method than the meanings themselves. If you’re a game or […]


Niche within a Niche: 1800s Role-playing

Start with an RPG geek, who is already by definition existing within a certain subculture outside the mainstream. Dungeons & Dragons is still “for nerds,” though more and more of us are embracing the pejorative these days. Next, make her a storyteller over a powergamer, and cut her off from more than half of her […]


A Friendly Reminder to Back Up Your Shit

Ladies and gentlemen, at this juncture in time I do heartily recommend that you pause in the midst of your feed-reading and back up any writing, art, notes, etc, on Dropbox (free membership available) or any other web backup or external hard drive of your choice. Yes, you need to do it now. You can […]


Online or Tabletop, but Never Both; Young Women in Gaming Redux

When asked what my dream freelance project might be, I immediately thought, “boy, wouldn’t it be great if I could buy the RPG rights to Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels Trilogy,” since right now my work on the Lady Blackbird hack is stalled because, well, she expressly forbids RPG’s based off of her games, in spite […]