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Why I Won’t Rewrite Your Character

Today’s article on Gnome Stew seems more than apt to describe the inner conflict I have brewing in my own campaign right now, but serves as a reminder as to why I had to let the players choose what they wanted and not force any particular character (or in this case, race) on them. Thursday […]


Balancing Player and GM Genre Preferences is Hard

I spent this morning before work doing laundry and reading through Gnome Stew’s latest publication, Never Unprepared: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Session Prep (which is quite excellent thusfar, by the way–you can pick up the PDF right now if you’re willing to commit to a print copy as well). I got to the […]


Min-max THIS! A Powergamer’s M.O.

So I’m trying to come to terms with the fact that I am a Storyteller/Thinker-type, while my boyfriend is a Power Gamer/Slayer (which may or may not be more of a gap than between my paganism and his Jewishness). During what has come to be our weekly debate on the de/merits of each style, he […]


The Selfish GM

When you realize that your once-weekly game becomes a chore, something you dread and stress over, you’re doing something wrong. The game is supposed to be fun, for players and GM alike. So this week and next I’m taking a break to re-focus and hopefully answer the question that’s bugging me most: why have I […]