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Sounds of the Desert Part 2

Sounds of the Desert Part 2 Back in June I posted the first half of this post, and finally I’ve gotten around to finishing up the draft of the second part. Though Marrakesh no longer runs, I sometimes find myself coming back to this playlist when I’m writing, or when I was running Ashes of Athas, a Dark Sun module by Baldman games. Anyway, this second half tends to feature more fighting and chase music, with a few...

Marrakeshi Adversries: The Red Lady & her Wildfire Maidens

Marrakeshi Adversries: The Red Lady & her Wildfire Maidens Bells and drums and the roar of fire in your ears as the flame-haired dancer leaps back. The guards press forward with muskets in their hands that make them invincible. They do not understand, and soon surround her at gunpoint, waiting for the command to fire. She spins, her hair billowing scarlet, her chiffon skirts glimmering with heat and she brings her hands to her chest in time with the silent...

Sounds of the Desert Part 1

I’ve spent a lot of my time off from work on the Obsidian Portal Wiki for my weekly Dungeons & Dragons Campaign, Marrakesh, and I’m lucky enough to have players who are enthusiastic about contributing as well. M, who plays Zael, writes up fucking hilarious adventure logs every week, in addition to illustrating the characters and their exploits. One of the things I’m known for at the...

It’s Written in the Stars

It’s Written in the Stars Yesterday I trekked up to my Friendly (Not-so-)Local Gaming Store with a few of my players to spend the money burning a hole in my pocket browse the roleplaying books and see what sorts of used/indie books they had in stock, only to be disappointed. (I’m spoiled by the larger stores in the heart of Gamer Country, along i70 between Origins and GenCon.) At my friend’s insistence (shakes fist) I...

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