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Seven Steps to Character Creation Worksheet

Over the last few months I’ve refined a one-page character background worksheet to fill out when I’m a player or to hand out at the start of a campaign when I’m game mastering. It’s designed in such a way to get players thinking in broad strokes about what sort of character they want to play […]


L5R 4e Roleplaying Game Resources

A compilation of resources for the fourth edition of the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game, including news, mechanic references, downloads, online games, fiction archives, and blogs dedicated to L5R. You can purchase the PDFs online at DriveThruRPG. Full disclosure: I am an employee of Fantasy Flight Games, the new publisher of Legend of […]


Wild Card Creator: Go for the Ace and Raise

$400 dollars and 4 Days left to hit the $8k stretch goal. Come on guys, let’s do this and make my Android a little bit happier! Wild Card Creator by Will Herrmann “More fully-integrated and streamlined than online Savage Worlds Character Generators, less expensive than having to add on multiple settings piecemeal, and compatible across […]


Kickstarter: Wild Card Creator

I have to admit that I know the designer personally (he succeeded me as president of the Wittenberg Role-playing Guild and is an excellent addition to the table as both a GM and player), but even so his latest project is just plain awesome. More fully-integrated and streamlined than online Savage Worlds Character Generators, less […]


Peas-o-Matic for DCC RPG

I was thinking about creating a 0-level character generator for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, but the good mages over at Purple Sorcerer Games have already done a bang-up job. You simply choose whether you want Hard-mode or Power-mode 0-level characters and voila, you get a spiffy PDF with four characters, replete with stats, occupation, […]