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February RPG Blog Carnival: How and Where I Write and/or Game Prep

Leicester’s Ramble is hosting February’s RPG Blog Carnival, and this month’s topic is “How and Where You Write and/or Game Prep.” Given my current projects–two RPG campaigns and one unfinished novel–I figured I had plenty to write about for this one. Where I Write/Prep Game My boyfriend and I thought it was worth the extra […]


November RPG Blog Carnival: Writing the Game (Roundup)

I’m sneaking this in between something like 30 more pages of papers between now and the 14th, so my apologies for the lateness! Hopefully later this month I’ll be able to hash out a few more posts of my own, since my B.A. in Political Science will no longer be hanging in the balance. We […]


November RPG Blog Carnival: Writing the Game

Triple Crit is proud to be hosting the November 2012 Role-playing Game Blog Carnival on a topic well-suited to the blog: Writing in RPGs. National Novel Writing Month is well underway by now, and National Game Design Month will be running alongside it, so writing is seemingly on everyone’s mind for the rest of the […]