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Talking Edge of the Empire on Order 66 Podcast Ep 12

Talking Edge of the Empire on Order 66 Podcast Ep 12 So GM Dave and GM Chris do an awesome job on their Order 66 Podcast, the only one to my knowledge to cover the Edge of the Empire roleplaying game line. I was lucky enough to be invited onto their show to talk about my work on the Free RPG Day adventure, Shadows of a Black Sun. Take a listen if you can; my interview starts around the halfway mark, but the first half of the show has invaluable advice for...

Deadlands Pre-gens: The Magnificent Seven Character Folio

Deadlands Pre-gens: The Magnificent Seven Character Folio The Magnificent Seven (and that other guy) is a free download for Gamemasters in need of a quick and fun pre-generated group of characters for their next one-shot or con session. Featuring Eight unique Seasoned Wild Card Character Sheets, writable and ready to print Archetypal character concepts based on the iconic Hero, Lancer, Big Guy, Smart Guy, Young Guy, Old Guy, and Funny Guy tropes from The...

Bonus Aspects from Japanese Proverbs

Bonus Aspects from Japanese Proverbs From my “Sasarindō” scenario for Blood & Honor, here are some new Aspects I adapted from existing Japanese proverbs. Feedback is welcome, and appreciated. Feel free to use these for your own samurai, but please do not take credit for them or post them on your own site. “One’s Eyes Say More than One’s Mouth” Invoke: +3D for communicating non-verbally. Compel: Easily...

Wild Cards for Savage Elder Scrolls

Wild Cards for Savage Elder Scrolls On Friday my brothers, Eric and I started fooling around with character creation for the Savage Worlds tabletop conversion of the Elder Scrolls games, and last night after running the SIFRP one-shot, “Wedding Knight,” Elise and Pam drafted some of their own. It seems that Bosmer archers are pretty popular, as well as Khajiit rogues, as we’ve had two of each already. Eric began drafting...

RPG Sound-flash: Yoshida Brothers

RPG Sound-flash: Yoshida Brothers My dad listens to that craziest shit, but sometimes those internet radio stations of his pay off. Just as I was finishing chores to prepare for tonight’s Turkey Fest the Yoshida Brothers came on, and I knew I’d found the new soundtrack to Sasarindō, Blood & Honor, and Legend of the Five Rings, among others. A few of my favorite tracks: Some of the tracks are slightly campy/new age/jazzy,...

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