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Deadlands Pre-gens: The Magnificent Seven Character Folio

The Magnificent Seven (and that other guy) is a free download for Gamemasters in need of a quick and fun pre-generated group of characters for their next one-shot or con session. Featuring Eight unique Seasoned Wild Card Character Sheets, writable and ready to print Archetypal character concepts based on the iconic Hero, Lancer, Big Guy, […]


Wild Cards for Savage Elder Scrolls

On Friday my brothers, Eric and I started fooling around with character creation for the Savage Worlds tabletop conversion of the Elder Scrolls games, and last night after running the SIFRP one-shot, “Wedding Knight,” Elise and Pam drafted some of their own. It seems that Bosmer archers are pretty popular, as well as Khajiit rogues, […]