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L5R 4e Roleplaying Game Resources

A compilation of resources for the fourth edition of the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game, including news, mechanic references, downloads, online games, fiction archives, and blogs dedicated to L5R. You can purchase the PDFs online at DriveThruRPG.

Full disclosure: I am an employee of Fantasy Flight Games, the new publisher of Legend of the Five Rings.


L5R RPG News

The Atlas of Rokugan was the final L5R RPG product to be released by AEG. Fantasy Flight Games recently announced they reached an agreement to purchase the L5R IP from AEG. Regarding the future of the RPG:

General L5R RPG Information

Official FFG Forums
The new official online community for the Legend of the Five Rings IP in general.

The Emerald Land Subreddit
The subreddit for the RPG and lore of Rokugan.

Rokugan Confidential
A wiki with lots of reference material, especially for those playing in online forum style games.

Using 1st Edition Books in 4th Edition
The first entry in Lowell Francis’s guide to which 1st edition RPG books are useful for reference when running a 4th edition RPG campaign.

Lore and Setting Material

Legend of the Five Rings Wikia
A searchable index to the published supplements, with a lot of info from the Way of and Secrets of clan and faction books.

Kaze no Shiro
Archive of most of the fiction—fan-made and canon—related to the AEG storylines in Rokugan.

The Book of Five Rings
The classic work by Miyamoto Musashi that inspired much of L5R, available to to read for free.

Chinese and Japanese Fantasy Books
The L5R version of the Appendix N, these books should inspire you to play in or run an L5R RPG campaign.

Issendai’s Japanese Name Lists
Japanese boys‘ and girls‘ names, variants, and meanings to inspire your RPG character’s name. There are also now historical geisha and courtesan names.

The Collected Sayings of Shinsei
A collection of proverbs attributed to Shinsei, for all your wry monk needs.


Master List of Schools
A complete list of all available schools, advanced schools, alternate paths, etc., from all books currently released.

Index of Game Mechanics
An excel document that serves as a cross-book index for all families, spells, dis/advantages, kata, kiho, etc.
(Note: One day I intend to update this index to reflect the Book of Water, Void, and Sword and Fan. If you’re the original creator of this document, please contact me so I can credit you properly.)

Apps, Generators, and Downloads

Legend of the Five Rings Character Manager
A community-maintained character generator for L5R fourth edition. (Read Review)

L5R Toolbox
A free app for Android that can be used to simulate dice rolls, but more importantly, it can quickly tell you the probabilities of reaching a TN with a specific roll.

NPC Fluff Generator
A great resource for quickly generating the physical attributes of and rumors about Non-Player Characters on the fly or during prep. You can specify clan during generation. An offline version is also available for download.

Emerald Samurai Role-playing Resources
GM Screen printouts, custom character sheet PDFs for specific clans and roles, including non-humans.

Musha Shugyo
High-quality fanzines free for download, the issues cover such topics as the Imperials, Minor Clans, Non-Humans and the Shadowlands, with an exception eye for detail.

Writable 4th Edition Character Sheets in .docx format
An alternative to PDFs.

Play Online or at Conventions

Heroes of Rokugan
Unofficial Legend of the Five rings 4e organized play program featured at conventions like Origins, Gen Con, and more.

Five Rings Online 8
A free play-by-post RPG set in the L5R universe. The new season of the Five Rings Online begins soon (as of May ’16).


The Celestial Agonies
L5R RPG Blog that is no longer updated, but still has a number of interesting posts.

The Kolat Informant
A Legend of the Five Rings blog skewed more toward the CCG but covering some RPG news as well.

Sea of Stars RPG
Campaign logs, reviews, fiction, and some homebrew game mechanics.

Do you have a website to add to this list? Leave your link in the comments below!

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  1. Sean Holland says:

    Useful links, thank you.

    I do some work with L5R on my gaming journal.

    There is also the semi-neglected: Rokugan Confidential, which was to serve as a hub for online and PbP L5R games:
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