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5 Tips for Writing Social Drama RPG Campaigns

For my next roleplaying game campaign, I’m writing the foundation for a social drama campaign that I’ll then pass off to a co-GM who does a much better job at portraying Non-Player Characters and figuring out the logical (not just conventional) implications of choices. I lamented on social media that writing up the campaign so […]


The 3-Act Formula as a Mini RPG Campaign Template

Type in “novel structure” to the nearest search engine and you’ll find a smorgasbord of templates and spreadsheets to help you plot your novel, and the three-act structure is one of the most popular there is. With a couple of tweaks (and borrowing slightly from the Universal Hero Cycle), you can adapt the three-act formula […]


Use a Player Survey to Gauge RPG Players’ Preferences

I’ve talked before about how I believe the main job of the GM—besides having fun, of course—is to elicit or evoke emotion (e.g. fun) in the players. Before we talk about techniques to elicit those emotions in the pursuit of fun, however, you’ll want to use a player survey or otherwise determine what kind of […]


Day 8: How do you prep for each session?

Almost two years ago I wrote the first post for Day 8 of the 30 Days of Gamemastering Challenge. With two more campaigns under my belt, my prep style has evolved (perhaps matured?) into a method that works for me. Well, two methods really: one I call “scene-based” session prep, and the other one more […]


Gamemastering for Emotional Impact Pt. 2

Varieties of Emotional Experiences in Roleplaying Games In the introductory article for this series, I determined that in my mind, at least, the main job of the GM is to elicit or evoke emotion in the audience, i.e. the player. That’s why I play roleplaying games, why I don the persona of another: so I […]