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A Glossary of RPG Campaign Terms for New Gamers

What’s the difference between an adventure, campaign, and a story arc, anyway? Words that experienced gamers bandy about when referring to a tabletop role-playing game can be confusing to a new player or Game Master, and in my personal experience it’s the hierarchy and relationship between the words that can be really tricky. I wrote […]


100th Post & an Announcement

Two things to celebrate here at Triple Crit: This site was originally founded in March of 2011 around when I first started the Marrakesh campaign for my local gaming group. Since then I’ve been musing on writing, gamemastering, and role-playing in my spare time. One hundred posts and 23,736 hits later, it’s going stronger than […]


November RPG Blog Carnival: Writing the Game

Triple Crit is proud to be hosting the November 2012 Role-playing Game Blog Carnival on a topic well-suited to the blog: Writing in RPGs. National Novel Writing Month is well underway by now, and National Game Design Month will be running alongside it, so writing is seemingly on everyone’s mind for the rest of the […]