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31 Days of NaNoPrepMo

If you’ve been here before, you’ve likely seen my 30 Days of Gamemastering Challenge. Another topic/event near and dear to my heart, National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short, deserved to get some novel writing prompts of its own. NaNo is a wild ride in which you try to write daily and complete a fifty-thousand word “novel” during […]


February RPG Blog Carnival: How and Where I Write and/or Game Prep

Leicester’s Ramble is hosting February’s RPG Blog Carnival, and this month’s topic is “How and Where You Write and/or Game Prep.” Given my current projects–two RPG campaigns and one unfinished novel–I figured I had plenty to write about for this one. Where I Write/Prep Game My boyfriend and I thought it was worth the extra […]


Day 22: Novel Advice for RPGs

As any reader of my blog knows, I’m an aspiring writer. And like most aspiring writers, I’ve often substituted the act of writing with reading about writing. While this hasn’t done much for improving my craft in a practical sense, it does mean that I’ve absorbed a lot of narrative structure and literary element theorycraft. […]


NaNoPrepMo ’14: Five Writing Resource Sites

It’s not quite October yet, but the internet is already gearing up for another awesome year of NaNoWriMo! Here are a handful of sites chock full of writing resources to get your creative juices flowing or help you along the journey: #1. This simple and clean site has a number of tools that are […]


NaNoPrepMo ’13: Five Free Writing Guides

I was poking through my writing folder this morning and realized I had collected several free writing guides over the years. So I’ve tracked them down again for you to take advantage of without having to shell out the cash moneys (I’d also recommend looking in the 808 Non-fiction section of your local library). It’s […]