November RPG Blog Carnival: Writing the Game

November RPG Blog Carnival: Writing the Game Triple Crit is proud to be hosting the November 2012 Role-playing Game Blog Carnival on a topic well-suited to the blog: Writing in RPGs. National Novel Writing Month is well underway by now, and National Game Design Month will be running alongside it, so writing is seemingly on everyone’s mind for the rest of the month. We gamers know that it’s a yearlong curse, and we struggle with it weekly if not daily. Whether it’s prep, history, flavor, descriptions, notes, or logs, writing is an essential tool in the arsenal of the GM. So too for players, who...

October, aka NaNoPrepMo

October, aka NaNoPrepMo Aside from cooking, one favorite procrastination pastime of mine is working on a book ideas, and with November and NaNoWriMo just around the corner, what better time than to take a fresh look at my novel idea of auld, Ragnavald. Without going into excruciating detail, you could say it’s epic fantasy set in an imagined 18th century Vinland replete with intrigue, politics, gods and gunpowder. Very dark, tragic, and mythic, just the way I like my music. In between homework assignments I’ll be working my way through two books (I couldn’t decide which...

A Review of Writing a Novel with Scrivener by David Hewson

A Review of Writing a Novel with Scrivener by David Hewson Anyone who’s tried Scrivener remembers opening it up for the first time and–at least for a moment–being utterly overwhelmed by all the options available. I’m all about teaching yourself the software, but I knew I’d want to go through the included tutorial for this one. True to its word, I slogged through all thirty to fourty minutes of it. Overall, it felt like it was a little too basic. And I still felt like I knew nothing about the software. Then I found a little gem in Amazon’s Kindle store. It looked perfect. And for only $6?...

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