Day 28: Gamemastering in the Aether

Day 28: Gamemastering in the Aether I haven’t had to gamemaster much online (if there aren’t players in my local area, I’m more likely to make my friends into gamers than I am to turn online for players), but in cases when the game I wanted to run wouldn’t appeal to my normal play group, I’ve tried running them as online games. As I see it, there are essentially two modes of online play: synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous (time-delay). Synchronous Play Synchronous play is generally what you’ll get on a chatroom—or nowadays, on Skype or Roll20—when everyone...

Interview on Luna Station Quarterly

Interview on Luna Station Quarterly Jessica Powell (@jehzavere on Twitter) has interviewed me for her latest column on Luna Station Quarterly! She asks me about my experience as a woman gamemaster, what advice I have for women looking to get a job in the gaming industry, how to become a gamemaster yourself if you come from more of a writing background, and much more! Here’s a quick excerpt from the interview: 3. What advice do you have for women who want to get a job in the gaming industry? What education and skills will they need? Jobs in gaming industry encompass a tremendous number of possible...

Weaving a Web of Entanglements

Weaving a Web of Entanglements Here is a little game I developed for use on my own RPG, but is generic enough to be of help to any forum game. Perfect for your Character Want Ads or Classifieds section, it is meant to help people flesh out their plot pages (or equivalent) by helping someone else before posting a request of their own. Step One – Request First, pick your parameters. What are you looking for in particular? Pick one or a couple from each of the following three headings: Category Family E.g. Spouse, Parent, Child, Sibling, Cousin, In-law Business E.g. Boss, Client, Coworker,...

Online or Tabletop, but Never Both; Young Women in Gaming Redux

Online or Tabletop, but Never Both; Young Women in Gaming Redux When asked what my dream freelance project might be, I immediately thought, “boy, wouldn’t it be great if I could buy the RPG rights to Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels Trilogy,” since right now my work on the Lady Blackbird hack is stalled because, well, she expressly forbids RPG’s based off of her games, in spite of the healthy crop of play-by-post forums that populates the net (and has, for the last five years at least). Granted, there are only a few mainstays compared to the number that rise and fall in a given year (lesson of that story:...

度辞茂 Doji Shigeru 10-minute Character Bio

度辞茂 Doji Shigeru 10-minute Character Bio Shinobicow of the Dump Stat called for players to attempt a Google Plus-hosted Legend of the Five Rings Campaign. Being the Japanese minor and role-playing buff I am, I struck at the opportunity to roll a character in a system I would likely be gamemastering for in the near future. I present to you Doji Shigeru, Courtier of the Crane Clan. Name: 度辞茂 Doji Shigeru Age: 27 Sex: Male Clan: Crane Family: Doji School: Doji Courtier School Step 1: Write 5 background and concept elements He has “purer” Crane blood than many, but this is likely what gave him his weaker...

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