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Bonus Aspects from Japanese Proverbs

From my “Sasarindō” scenario for Blood & Honor, here are some new Aspects I adapted from existing Japanese proverbs. Feedback is welcome, and appreciated. Feel free to use these for your own samurai, but please do not take credit for them or post them on your own site. “One’s Eyes Say More than One’s Mouth” […]


WittCon IX

It’s official: this March I’m headed to the the ninth annual WittCon, my college’s gaming convention that I ran/helped organize back in the day. Right now I’m slated to run two games, though I’m tempted to toss my name in the hat for the one-hour one-shots in the middle session to try out Nobilis, Burning […]


RPG Sound-flash: Yoshida Brothers

My dad listens to that craziest shit, but sometimes those internet radio stations of his pay off. Just as I was finishing chores to prepare for tonight’s Turkey Fest the Yoshida Brothers came on, and I knew I’d found the new soundtrack to Sasarindō, Blood & Honor, and Legend of the Five Rings, among others. […]


Sasarindō Preview: Six Samurai

Six men and women, six virtues, six destinies, six downfalls. Picking back up on work for Sasarindō, a Blood & Honor adventure inspired by the Tale of the Heike, I finally got all the player characters completed and will convert them into my lovely writable sheets shortly. All that’s left afterwards is to gloss the […]


Don’t Turn that Dial

As the noticeable drop in entries indicates, I’ve been busy. I’ve been bumped from part to full time, I’m organizing a local group of gamers that already numbers in the fifties, and am still trying to fit what amounts to a second job–being a writer–in there somewhere. But I haven’t forgotten about you guys, as […]