February RPG Blog Carnival: How and Where I Write and/or Game Prep

February RPG Blog Carnival: How and Where I Write and/or Game Prep Leicester’s Ramble is hosting February’s RPG Blog Carnival, and this month’s topic is “How and Where You Write and/or Game Prep.” Given my current projects–two RPG campaigns and one unfinished novel–I figured I had plenty to write about for this one. Where I Write/Prep Game My boyfriend and I thought it was worth the extra $100 plus a month to get a two bedroom apartment. The second bedroom serves as our office with both our desks, computers, printers, bookshelves, etc., as well as the game closet and a futon for reading or...

Frontloading Campaign Prep for my Sailor Moon RPG Campaign

Frontloading Campaign Prep for my Sailor Moon RPG Campaign For my upcoming Sailor Moon Roleplaying Game campaign, I’m trying something different than my usual campaign prep regimen. Instead of taking it one session at a time, I’m—gasp!—trying to get as much prepared as possible before I run out of time or inspiration. This has essentially boiled down to outlining the villains’ plot arc, such as their major objectives and modus operandi. It’s been easier than I would have guessed so far, but perhaps that’s the beauty of using an established setting and drawing heavily on existing mythologies for...

Moon Pride! A Sailor Moon RPG is Found!

Moon Pride! A Sailor Moon RPG is Found! You’ve probably heard of an anime by the name of Sailor Moon, but you might not know that a brand new series came out this summer celebrating the 20th anniversary of the show’s release. I was a little freaked out when I saw the manga-esque style, but it’s made me fall in love with the Sailor Senshi all over again and given me a hefty dose of nostalgia for one of my all-time-favorite-things-ever. Does it surprise anyone, then, that I was unable to resist purchasing The Complete Book of Yoma, Volume 1 when I found it at Half Price Books this weekend...

Girls on Games Kickstarter

Girls on Games Kickstarter It’s not often that I promote other people’s Kickstarters, but this one is near and dear to my heart as a woman in the gaming industry. Check it out, pass it on, and perhaps even back it if it means something to you. A compilation of essays by women in the tabletop games industry about past and current struggles and secrets & tips for new designers. Our chapter topics include: Anecdotes or stories about being a woman in the game industry Advice for women on overcoming challenges women face in this field Advice for men on how to make inclusion a...

A Gamemistress’ Manifesto

A Gamemistress’ Manifesto This “meme” has been going around my blog feed for some time, so to take a cue from Andy and Will, here is my very own version of the “Gamemaster” Manifesto originally found on Reddit: This is my official manifesto as a GM: “I am a gamemistress. I create worlds for players to inhabit and partake in great adventures in them. Without the players, I am nothing. In order to ensure a proper balance between myself and the players, I pledge to do the following:” I pledge to use the characters you made to determine the kind game you want...

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