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The Writing Life

The Writing Life

Habits of a Writer Ep 1: Genmaicha (6/2/11)
What I love about brown rice tea is how much lighter, brisker, and more refreshing it is compared to the jet-black coffee with rich creamers I usually sip while writing. It’s certainly a more summery drink (though in Japan I think it’s considered more wintry), one that is like to become a habit for me.

Perhaps the most important part of these little habits is that, in the same way that lighting incense before prayer gets me in the right mindset(an altared state of mind, one might even say), performing a pre-writing ritual can help overcome the initial blockages at come with a blank screen. Go through your email, social media, forum posts and blogroll first thing, so it’s no longer a distraction. Brew the tea in the meanwhile. Then, when you finally open up your word processor of choice, breathe in the aroma and enjoy the first sip. Bang those keys. And demolish that daily wordcount. (Read More)

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