静慧の歌謡 Shizue no Kayou


One thing I’ve noticed as I begin to play Shinobicow’s Google Plus L5R game is how much hesitation I face when playing Shigeru. Physically he is very similar to my high elf from Ebbs’ Warhammer Fantasy 3rd Edition campaign, Morvael, but their setting makes the two almost indistinguishable. My Swordsmaster had a realm to save, but my Crane a game of courtly politics to play. Swords as opposed to words, and they could not be more different. Especially in a play-by-post format. I have to role-play more than I roll. Because dice-rolling online is a pain in the ass

And so I’ve begun to work on writing him out on my own time to better get a feel for his character, his voice, his struggles. Should you be interested in following The Ballad of Shizue I have included it in my portfolio and will update it as I go. Om, delicious backstory, om nom. Enjoy.

Shizue no Kayou

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  1. Sean Holland says:

    Courtly politics are every bit as dangerous as adventuring, especially in L5R. Hope you are good at them because the poor Miya is not.

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