40K Crits


Thanks to all my readers and visitors for pushing Triple Crit officially over the 40,000 views mark last night! It’s been a little over two years since I moved from WordPress.com to self-hosting, when I started keeping records. This post makes 111 total, with 150 comments and a 50 view per day average, which isn’t bad considering the slowdown of content since I started working for Fantasy Flight Games.

Later today I’ll try to post something fun and Warhammer-themed for you guys to enjoy. I’ve been playing through the Dark Heresy 2 Beta adventure with my coworkers and boyfriend, and can write up some play reports for you to see how I ran the scenario. I also have a few pre-generated characters I can share, including Cressida my Adepta Sororitas hospitaller-initiate (chirurgeon) and Ryan’s voidborn Adeptus Astra Telepathica psyker (mystic). I also got to run Book One, Part One of the ENnie-nominated The Enemy Within WFRP3 adventure, and can share a few insights for running it as a one-shot scenario.

I’m also looking forward to blogging about Gen Con when I get back, so watch out for that as well. Once again, thanks for reading, and I look forward to seeing what Triple Crit’s 3rd year will bring.

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  1. Ben Overmyer says:

    Grats on 40k hits! I take it you’ve moved from SW to WH, then?

    How do you like the two systems? I know they’re fairly close mechanically, but dissimilar enough that you can’t just move from one to the other…

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