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So back in my junior year of college, I think it was, I was the president of my college gaming club and had a blast. After taking nearly two years off from school, I’m back on campus, and was asked to be president again for one semester so that the VP can focus on her busy schedule before assuming full stewardship in the spring when she’s assumedly less crazy busy. This worked out perfectly for me, as I’ll be graduating in December (by hook or by crook, goddammit!).

Super excited for the eight campaigns that my fellow guildies are putting on! Ebbs will be running a sequel to our long-running Warhammer Fantasy 3e game (incidentally, also from my junior year) and I will have the chance to play the long sought-after love interest of my old character, Morvael, who sacrificed himself for her sake at the campaign’s climax (though she did not return his feelings). This time I’ll be the High Elven Archmage Soraen, who is returning to the Old World as an envoy to warn the other kingdoms of the terrible atrocity that befell the White Tower in Ulthuan, with the burden of Morvael’s sword and death weighing heavily upon her.

I even added my name into the hat, even tho I swore I wouldn’t GM, just because I thought I might be able to find that “golden group” that really gets the kind of characters I want to see play, and grow from the tsunami of terrible things I throw at them. Here’s my pitch (with a not so original campaign name). The game is set in Jacqueline Carey’s world of The Sundering, since I find her cosmology and mythology just so well-wrought, but the cast of characters will be entirely original, as per my players. You can see the rest of the offerings here.

Dark Souls

Type: Dark, Epic Fantasy

System: Burning Wheel

Gamemaster: Kat O.

Number of Players: 3-5

Open to Additional Players? Yes

Campaign Description: By fate or by choice, you have sold your soul to Sartoris, who has gifted you with vengeance in return. Now the Elves and Men of the Shining Ones are mounting a final offensive against your Dark Lord, and while he bides his strength for the last battle he needs you to do his bidding. But must you be doomed with him, or will you try and resist damnation and recover your soul? And at what cost, now?

The Burning Wheel is a fantasy roleplaying game in the tradition of Dungeons and Dragons. You gather together with your friends, sit around the kitchen table with dice, pencils, paper and books and play out fantastic stories. Sunday Afternoons.

Special Requirements: This is a story driven campaign and players will craft a detailed character backstory at the first session and delve deeply into the convictions and instincts that define your character. Players will be encouraged to communicate outside of the game to help build parts of their background and world. The system uses D6’s only and players can bring their own dice, though dice will be provided.

If you happen to live in the Springfield, OH area, I encourage you to stop by our guild meeting this Friday at 7pm! Get in touch with me and I’ll forward you all the pertinent info. Bring your dice and stick around afterwards, as we’ll be running Pathfinder and Hell on Earth Reloaded One Shots!

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  1. My uni gaming soc is gearing up ready for the new term. Just a quick question if I may. Every year we give up the first2-3 weeks of our meetings playing little one off adventures, generally stuff people want to try out that they’ve had for a while, or that they’re not too sure will stand up to prolonged play. this is also seen as a great way of checking if our Freshers for the year actually want to game with us, or if they thought we were a console/PC gaming club instead.

    Do you guys do this? And what do you think of the general idea?

    • lindevi says:

      Definitely sounds like a good idea to me! This year, we pushed up our first meeting to have it coincide with our first Friday Night One Shot, and we actually have three different games for people to try right after guild business is completed. This is the first time we’ve done anything like it, so we hope people stick around and throw some dice.

      Then again, we have weekly one-shots anyway and Saturday Board Game Nights to boot, so there are a ton of chances for people to stop in and try something new.

      Usually, when people got the wrong impression of our club, they just came to the first session and never came back. Unfortunately, we got over 25 new email addresses added on to the list, but if we get half of them to come to the first meeting we’ll be lucky, and if we get half of those people to stick around for the guild, we consider it a good recruitment year. We’re a fairly tight-knit group, probably two dozen or so regulars, with a whopping 103 on the mailing list. Who knows? I’m going to try and bedazzle new folks with picture-filled emails, as opposed to the plain text ones the president has sent out in the past. Sometimes, you really gotta fight for their attention.

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