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Three out of Three Crits

So I finally happened upon Exchange of Realities, a blog centered on the crossroads between writing and gaming. It’s much older than Triple Crit, and as you pore over the right-hand column, you’ll probably be wowed by the sheer amount of material, not to mention the range of topics (I know I was). She even has meta-posts on blogging and NaNo.

And she’s pretty freaking insightful, too. On The Problem with Pure Potential and its Alternative, she addresses exactly the problem I had in the first incarnation of Marrakesh: that is, the sandbox was too big, too overwhelming, and my players ultimately resorted to wanton violence for lack for a real structure to follow. It was in my current game of Marrakesh that I strove for a skeleton (or, perhaps, a Campaign World Tree), giving my players a few distinct (but interrelated) story arcs to cover and fleshed-out NPC’s to plot with, for, and against.

In short, I wish I’d found this blog long ago. Perhaps you’ll find it as useful as I have.

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  1. Lugh says:


    I only recently started reading this regularly now that it’s part of the RPGBA feed. (Much like how I now read yours.) I’ve read and enjoyed all of her posts so far.

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