Bonus Aspects from Japanese Proverbs


From my “Sasarindō” scenario for Blood & Honor, here are some new Aspects I adapted from existing Japanese proverbs. Feedback is welcome, and appreciated. Feel free to use these for your own samurai, but please do not take credit for them or post them on your own site.

“One’s Eyes Say More than One’s Mouth”
Invoke: +3D for communicating non-verbally.
Compel: Easily gives things away with one’s eyes.

“Like a Fish to a Cat”
Invoke: +3D to make preparations to secure your “fish.”
Compel: You believe everyone envies you, covets what you have.

“Flower, Bird, Moon, Sun”
Invoke: +3D to communicating by drawing some link to the natural way of things.
Compel: You do not speak directly, but always in proverbs and riddles.

“The Walls Have Ears, the Door has Eyes”
Invoke: +3D to determine another’s motives.
Compel: Suspicious of everyone, paranoid.

“Farm when it’s sunny, Read when it Rains.”
Invoke: +3D to take advantage of a situation.
Compel: Cowardly when the odds are against you.

“A Falcon from Kites.”
Invoke: +3D to stand out from a crowd.
Compel: Does not belong to the caste, rags to riches, a beauty from commoners.

“Even a sleeve’s brush is karma.”
Invoke: +3D to appeal to religious ideas, beings.
Compel: Prone to giving up, reliant on fate.

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