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Duty and Desire in Winter’s Embrace

Duty and Desire in Winter’s Embrace Today marks the release of Winter’s Embrace, a winter court adventure I wrote for the 5th Edition of the Legend of the Five Rings Roleplaying Game. It’s one of writing projects I’m most proud of and the one I had the most fun writing (besides the development work on core rulebook itself). If you noticed me gushing about my progress on #ProjectDatingSim on Twitter, then you saw how much excitement Winter’s...

Kat at Origins and On Air

Kat at Origins and On Air 2016 has been a busy year already! Here is a roundup of my appearances and events I’ve run or will run later this year, including my lineup at Origins as an honorary member of the Wittenberg Roleplaying Guild. If you haven’t already checked it out, I ran End of the World: Wrath of the Gods as a guest GM on the She’s a Super Geek podcast. Wrath of the Gods is a rules-light roleplaying...

Looking Ahead to Gen Con

Looking Ahead to Gen Con It’s really only a little more than a month away, and I’m excited to be going to “the best four days in gaming” (for my first time) as part of the Fantasy Flight Games team. Also for the first time, FFG is going to be demoing all of their role-playing game lines for beginners and experts alike. Not only do I get to introduce people to the game line I work on, Star Wars: Edge of the...

Origins 2013 Debriefing

Origins 2013 Debriefing So this year was my first Origins, and I really hope it isn’t my last. I had a great time playing 40 hours of games over the course of four days, even if I was averaging only 5-6 hours of sleep a night (or less). I picked up a signed copy of the Shadowrun 5th edition core rulebook, played or ran three different versions of Star Wars, scored some sweet deals in the dealer hall, and got to enjoy the...

My Origins 2013 Schedule

My Origins 2013 Schedule I honestly can’t believe it’s already June. Partly because we had snowfall less than a month ago, but also because time has truly flown since I started working on Star Wars. When I’m not staying late to hit deadlines, I’m playing or running at least two RPGs a week (Dresden Files, Edge of the Empire, and a friend’s homebrew system, Syrionys). I’ve also been attempting...

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