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Why I Won’t Rewrite Your Character

Why I Won’t Rewrite Your Character Today’s article on Gnome Stew seems more than apt to describe the inner conflict I have brewing in my own campaign right now, but serves as a reminder as to why I had to let the players choose what they wanted and not force any particular character (or in this case, race) on them. Thursday begins my Pathfinder drow campaign (one long in the coming) with a motley crew of agents for House Xaniqos of...

Balancing Player and GM Genre Preferences is Hard

Balancing Player and GM Genre Preferences is Hard I spent this morning before work doing laundry and reading through Gnome Stew’s latest publication, Never Unprepared: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Session Prep (which is quite excellent thusfar, by the way–you can pick up the PDF right now if you’re willing to commit to a print copy as well). I got to the section on culling the bad ideas from the good by taking yourself,...

Min-max THIS! A Powergamer’s M.O.

Min-max THIS! A Powergamer’s M.O. So I’m trying to come to terms with the fact that I am a Storyteller/Thinker-type, while my boyfriend is a Power Gamer/Slayer (which may or may not be more of a gap than between my paganism and his Jewishness). During what has come to be our weekly debate on the de/merits of each style, he scolded me for “not caring enough about my character” because, quite frankly, I was content to...

The Selfish GM

The Selfish GM When you realize that your once-weekly game becomes a chore, something you dread and stress over, you’re doing something wrong. The game is supposed to be fun, for players and GM alike. So this week and next I’m taking a break to re-focus and hopefully answer the question that’s bugging me most: why have I lost interest in running my campaign? And, more importantly, what can I do to fix...

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