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How to Add Narrative Dice to d20 Systems

How to Add Narrative Dice to d20 Systems As someone who has extensively played Fantasy Flight Game’s Warhammer Fantasy 3rd edition–and even worked on the latest Star Wars roleplaying game lines–I’m a big fan of the custom narrative dice created by Jay Little. The multiple axes of resolution are famous for spurring narrative description at the table and giving people something to do on their turn even if they fail–or...

Fighter’s Challenge: DCC Conversion Pt. 1

Fighter’s Challenge: DCC Conversion Pt. 1 I bought a copy of the 2nd ed AD&D module HHQ 1: Fighter’s Challenge (for $2.98–win) to give Eric and I something to play when our friends were busy and it was just the two of us. For fun, we thought it would be cool to try using Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG to run it, though depending on the leathality/feasibility we may go back to the original system (which we have all the corebooks for)....

Wild Cards for Savage Elder Scrolls

Wild Cards for Savage Elder Scrolls On Friday my brothers, Eric and I started fooling around with character creation for the Savage Worlds tabletop conversion of the Elder Scrolls games, and last night after running the SIFRP one-shot, “Wedding Knight,” Elise and Pam drafted some of their own. It seems that Bosmer archers are pretty popular, as well as Khajiit rogues, as we’ve had two of each already. Eric began drafting...

Old-school Random Dungeon Generator

Old-school Random Dungeon Generator You now have zero excuses for not spending time on your story. Not least of all because there are things like this at your disposal: WotC’s Random Dungeon Generator v0.1.12 Beta 3.5 players and the older gaming vets have probably already seen this before, but for the 4e Generation who didn’t get into gaming until a couple of years ago (like myself), this is a wonderful little tool for creating...

Sounds of the Desert Part 2

Sounds of the Desert Part 2 Back in June I posted the first half of this post, and finally I’ve gotten around to finishing up the draft of the second part. Though Marrakesh no longer runs, I sometimes find myself coming back to this playlist when I’m writing, or when I was running Ashes of Athas, a Dark Sun module by Baldman games. Anyway, this second half tends to feature more fighting and chase music, with a few...

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