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Discover the Narrative Worlds of Play-by-Post Roleplaying

Discover the Narrative Worlds of Play-by-Post Roleplaying Sometimes, our schedules are so hectic or weird—or we live so far away from other gamers with similar playstyles—that getting a good tabletop group together seems impossible. Other times, we are looking to roleplay in a specific kind of fantasy or sci-fi world, or within a TV/book/anime fandom that really inspires us. Perhaps writing a detailed character backstory is one of your favorite parts of the...

What I Learned From Women RPG Groups

What I Learned From Women RPG Groups Like many women who are part of the hobby, my first experiences in role-playing games (RPGs) were with groups predominantly composed of men. Although I had a blast playing with them and quickly grew to love the hobby, it wasn’t until many years later that I had a chance to run games for groups that were made up of mostly women or all-women. I was shocked by how the tone of the group seemed so different...

5 Steps to Writing a Killer RPG Character Backstory

5 Steps to Writing a Killer RPG Character Backstory Whether this is your first or your hundredth time rolling up a character for a new roleplaying game campaign, coming up with a compelling backstory can be tough. Maybe you’ve spent a ton of time trying to come up with a character, but you still end up bored with them or worry that they’re one dimensional. Or perhaps you have the basics down and want to take your characters to the next level. The following...

A Gamemistress’s Manifesto v2.0

A Gamemistress’s Manifesto v2.0 It’s been over three years since I last updated my GMing manifesto. As I gear up to start a new campaign, I figured it was time to revisit it and rework it. The updated version is meant to reflect my current values and address issues I’ve had to deal with since then. Specifically, I no longer see the GMing manifesto as a series of one-sided pledges to players. The original version made it...

A Conflict-Driven Character Creation Questionnaire

What is an RPG campaign if not a series of conflicts between player characters and the world, conflicts between player characters and non-player characters, or conflicts within and among the player characers themselves? The following questions just popped into my head as a new way to facilitate character backstory generation–specifically by getting to the heart of the answers most useful to the GM...

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