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静慧の歌謡 Shizue no Kayou

静慧の歌謡 Shizue no Kayou One thing I’ve noticed as I begin to play Shinobicow’s Google Plus L5R game is how much hesitation I face when playing Shigeru. Physically he is very similar to my high elf from Ebbs’ Warhammer Fantasy 3rd Edition campaign, Morvael, but their setting makes the two almost indistinguishable. My Swordsmaster had a realm to save, but my Crane a game of courtly politics to play. Swords as...

度辞茂 Doji Shigeru 10-minute Character Bio

度辞茂 Doji Shigeru 10-minute Character Bio Shinobicow of the Dump Stat called for players to attempt a Google Plus-hosted Legend of the Five Rings Campaign. Being the Japanese minor and role-playing buff I am, I struck at the opportunity to roll a character in a system I would likely be gamemastering for in the near future. I present to you Doji Shigeru, Courtier of the Crane Clan. Name: 度辞茂 Doji Shigeru Age: 27 Sex: Male Clan: Crane Family: Doji...

Find Your Dark Side Contest: Update

Congratulations to the winners of the Dungeons & Dragons Find Your Dark Side Contest! I hope Wizards releases their entries so we can see what sort of dastardly characters they came up with so we can use them as villains in our own campaigns. Now that the contest is over, I don’t have to worry about legalities or disqualifying myself. So without further ado, I give you the Blackguard Nyxelle:...

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