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Critique & Grace

This is another post “pulled from the archives,” so to speak. It’s about two years old, but the observations I made then ring just as true now. I should perhaps preface this by explaining that my writing background is heavily dominated by my experience working at my college’s writing center. I didn’t just advise other people on their writing for fun (thought it was)–I...

In the Beginning

I think we’ve all seen this countless times. You find a piece of fiction online, read the summary and think, “huh, that sounds cool.” But once you’ve clicked chapter one and read through the first few paragraphs, you’re turned off. They’ve started that way, again: the typical description of the protagonist’s appearance heads off a page-long summary of her life...

Six Degrees

No doubt you’ve heard of the Six Degrees by which everyone is purported separated. But in role-playing, you can use that idea to create more complex relationships and increase your investment in the character. At the table, it makes for some pretty hilarious or moving scenes, while in “massive” contexts, it’s essentially required in order to get more than random RP. Here are some...

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