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Ego Check with The Id DM – Episode 16 – Katrina Ostrander

Ego Check with The Id DM – Episode 16 – Katrina Ostrander The Id DM recently invited me on his podcast, Ego Check, an interview podcast series hosted by a licensed psychologist, Michael Mallen, Ph.D. The podcast delves into a variety of game types (e.g., tabletop roleplaying games, boardgames, videogames) from a psychological perspective. Dr. Mallen has been interviewing members of the gaming community for articles on his blog, The Id DM, since 2011 and is now...

Worlds of Android Dev Team on Terminal 7

Worlds of Android Dev Team on Terminal 7 While #FFGWorlds was raging, Nels of the Terminal 7 podcast sat down to talk the upcoming Worlds of Android artbook/setting guide and the Mumbad Cycle with me, Dan Clark (co-creator of the Android setting) and Zoë Robinson (the art director behind Netrunner). Listen to the conversation on Terminal 7: Episode 42 and check out their past episodes for more strategy and analysis on the Android: Netrunner...

Playing House in The Sims 4

Playing House in The Sims 4 Or, what happens when my being sick coincides with 48 hours of free Sims 4 on Origin. You know the Sims. The game’s slogan might as well be “removing doors from closets and ladders from swimming pools since 2000.” It’s been many years since I relished in murdering my sims in new and exciting ways while looking up cheat codes on the internet, but that doesn’t mean I...

Book Riot 2015 Read Harder Challenge

Book Riot 2015 Read Harder Challenge In order to help expand my horizons as a reader, writer, and editor, I’m going to attempt Book Riot’s 2015 Read Harder Challenge. I already have a substantial to-read backlog of books I own (tsundoku is the term in Japanese, I believe), so many of those are worked in, but I did find a number of books I might not have considered otherwise. Is anyone else doing this or another reading challenge...

Girls on Games Kickstarter

Girls on Games Kickstarter It’s not often that I promote other people’s Kickstarters, but this one is near and dear to my heart as a woman in the gaming industry. Check it out, pass it on, and perhaps even back it if it means something to you. A compilation of essays by women in the tabletop games industry about past and current struggles and secrets & tips for new designers. Our chapter topics include: Anecdotes...

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