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Origins 2013 Debriefing

Origins 2013 Debriefing So this year was my first Origins, and I really hope it isn’t my last. I had a great time playing 40 hours of games over the course of four days, even if I was averaging only 5-6 hours of sleep a night (or less). I picked up a signed copy of the Shadowrun 5th edition core rulebook, played or ran three different versions of Star Wars, scored some sweet deals in the dealer hall, and got to enjoy the...

My Origins 2013 Schedule

My Origins 2013 Schedule I honestly can’t believe it’s already June. Partly because we had snowfall less than a month ago, but also because time has truly flown since I started working on Star Wars. When I’m not staying late to hit deadlines, I’m playing or running at least two RPGs a week (Dresden Files, Edge of the Empire, and a friend’s homebrew system, Syrionys). I’ve also been attempting...

Rokugan Style: A Game of Chrysanthemum Thrones

Rokugan Style: A Game of Chrysanthemum Thrones Given the change of system, I felt obliged to change the promotional image as well. (Though technically it’s the Oriental Adventures LARP, this cover was just too perfect to resist.) An Invitation to the Winter Court Greetings, honored visitor, to an isolated corner of the Empire not often seen, but wondrous to behold. On the cusp of the year of the that may come to mark a renewed spiritual vigor in...

On Introducing Players to the Hobby

On Introducing Players to the Hobby Because so many new members indicated that they had never played but were eager to learn, the Guild is trying something new: setting aside a one-shot night exclusively to welcoming and teaching brand new players (and players who haven’t gamed in a while, or ones who aren’t familiar with D&D 3.5/4e). In addition to the Gamemasters (GM’s) running the scenarios, each table will have a...

Back with the Guild

Back with the Guild So back in my junior year of college, I think it was, I was the president of my college gaming club and had a blast. After taking nearly two years off from school, I’m back on campus, and was asked to be president again for one semester so that the VP can focus on her busy schedule before assuming full stewardship in the spring when she’s assumedly less crazy busy. This worked out perfectly...

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