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RPG Sound-flash: Yoshida Brothers

RPG Sound-flash: Yoshida Brothers My dad listens to that craziest shit, but sometimes those internet radio stations of his pay off. Just as I was finishing chores to prepare for tonight’s Turkey Fest the Yoshida Brothers came on, and I knew I’d found the new soundtrack to Sasarindō, Blood & Honor, and Legend of the Five Rings, among others. A few of my favorite tracks: Some of the tracks are slightly campy/new age/jazzy,...

Sounds of the Desert Part 2

Sounds of the Desert Part 2 Back in June I posted the first half of this post, and finally I’ve gotten around to finishing up the draft of the second part. Though Marrakesh no longer runs, I sometimes find myself coming back to this playlist when I’m writing, or when I was running Ashes of Athas, a Dark Sun module by Baldman games. Anyway, this second half tends to feature more fighting and chase music, with a few...

Sounds of the Desert Part 1

I’ve spent a lot of my time off from work on the Obsidian Portal Wiki for my weekly Dungeons & Dragons Campaign, Marrakesh, and I’m lucky enough to have players who are enthusiastic about contributing as well. M, who plays Zael, writes up fucking hilarious adventure logs every week, in addition to illustrating the characters and their exploits. One of the things I’m known for at the...

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