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Welcome to TripleCrit

Welcome to TripleCrit “The heroes go on a dangerous quest and are fundamentally changed by the challenges they face.” That sentence could be describing either the plot of a novel or a synopsis of a roleplaying game campaign. That’s because they’re both built using the same fundamental ingredients of story—characters, goals, and obstacles. In both cases, the audience wants to find out what happens next, and players...

The Top Five Crits of 2016

The Top Five Crits of 2016 2016 is almost over! (I think we all have some opinions about that.) I struggled, I rumbled, I grew, and I celebrated various successes. I was extremely thankful to be invited to write for the Geek & Sundry blog and to speak at NerdCon: Stories in Minneapolis. I got to hear so many strong women speak at GeekGirlCon in Seattle, and I had a blast catching up with my college gaming group at Origins in...

The Top 5 Crits of 2015

The Top 5 Crits of 2015 2015 was a phenomenal year for me professionally: the premium pre-orders of The Worlds of Android were released, the Android novellas were announced, and I got engaged! TripleCrit had its share of highlights as well. I managed to publish 54 posts, which is just over one post a week on average, bringing the total number of posts up to 220. I’m certain that in a few short months we’ll have...

Your Daily Dose of Crits

Your Daily Dose of Crits Have you ever wanted more TripleCrit in your life? Do you have a Tumblr account? Do you like spending even more time on the internet?! Now introducing Triplecrit Tumblr edition! In addition to cross-posting from this blog, you’ll find exclusive tidbits and tips, as well as reblogs of awesome resources for writers, role-players, and game...

2013 in Review

2013 in Review 2013 was a fabulous year for me, both as a gamer and as a professional. Here are some of the highlights by month. In January I started my new job as an Associate RPG Producer working on the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire roleplaying game line at Fantasy Flight Games. I moved from New York to Minnesota in the dead of winter and settled into my first apartment. I learned what cold was. In February I...

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