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40K Crits

40K Crits Thanks to all my readers and visitors for pushing Triple Crit officially over the 40,000 views mark last night! It’s been a little over two years since I moved from WordPress.com to self-hosting, when I started keeping records. This post makes 111 total, with 150 comments and a 50 view per day average, which isn’t bad considering the slowdown of content since I started working for Fantasy...

100th Post & an Announcement

100th Post & an Announcement Two things to celebrate here at Triple Crit: This site was originally founded in March of 2011 around when I first started the Marrakesh campaign for my local gaming group. Since then I’ve been musing on writing, gamemastering, and role-playing in my spare time. One hundred posts and 23,736 hits later, it’s going stronger than ever. Thank you to all my readers: these articles are for you....

Back with the Guild

Back with the Guild So back in my junior year of college, I think it was, I was the president of my college gaming club and had a blast. After taking nearly two years off from school, I’m back on campus, and was asked to be president again for one semester so that the VP can focus on her busy schedule before assuming full stewardship in the spring when she’s assumedly less crazy busy. This worked out perfectly...

Too Busy to Blog…and that’s a good thing!

Too Busy to Blog…and that’s a good thing! After the flurry of excitement that was WittCon IX, I took a couple of days off from writing and blogging to recoup, and to just enjoy my time with my gamer friends from Ohio that I hadn’t seen in over a year. Well, a few days easily turns into a few weeks, it seems, and Triple Crit has been on the backburner while I attend to the myriad of other things on my plate. And boy, is that plate piled...

2011 Goodreads & Last.fm Roundup

2011 Goodreads & Last.fm Roundup Well, I was halfway to my goal of twenty-five books this year, ending up with thirteen fourteen! officially logged on Goodreads (I have no idea how much RPG-related material I read, but it was a lot). Work, this website, my various writing projects and most recently the School’s Winter Court ’12 took up the brunt of my free time (what was leftover from the boy, anyway). I’ll be honest,...

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