Downshifting Slightly


It’s been almost three weeks since the launch of Triple Crit, and I have six fairly lengthy posts up between the three categories, article and exercise indices, book hoards, and more. Not to mention over a hundred pageviews! You guys are awesome!

I’d been going on a tri-weekly posting schedule to get a foundation of content up so that I could think about beginning to promote it besides from just on my Twitter, but now I’m going to have to slow down to once or twice a week. Not because I don’t love you guys, but because I have a new project to work on:

When complete, it will comprise 32 pages of a 62-page PDF about unconventional narrative and world-building structures for gamemasters, with how-to’s, examples, and exercises to shape your adventure and grow your campaign. Once we have a working manuscript, Andy and I will see about querying it to the various gaming publishers. If nothing bites, we’ll at least be self-publishing, but seeing as he has numerous contacts within the industry and is a freelance writer himself now, we have a few reasons to hope.

So, if things slow down now, it’s not because I’m not pushing something like 10k words a week (and on a brand new laptop, no less!). Rather, it’s because you can’t see what I’m writing–just yet, anyways.

So stay tuned (with your favorite RSS reader, /wink)!

Upcoming Posts:

  • For Gamemasters, “It’s Written in the Stars: Using the Planets, Signs and Houses to Create NPC’s, Plots and Places”
  • For Gamemasters, “The NPC Strikes Back: Challenging Players’ Assumptions about their Allies”
  • For Gamemasters, “March RPG Carnival: Life and Death in RPGs”
  • For Role-players, “Fics You Can Believe In (Your Guildies Actually Reading)”
  • For Writers, “Finding Feedback: Writing/Critique Groups Online and Locally”

And more!

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  1. Can’t wait to get back on the Pendulum train with this. While The Laundry’s been taking up most of my writing time at this point, I should be freed up to pump out the last bit of “The Pendulum Method” by May.

    Definitely excited to see what comes of this one! 😀

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