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NerdCon: Stories is a two-day conference in Minneapolis designed to honor & celebrate the institution of storytelling. They’ll have over 60 special guests including authors, actors, artists, narrators, podcasters, puppeteers, comedians, dancers, directors, screenwriters, game designers, radio hosts, musicians, comic writers, and cartoonists. All of these people will come together to discuss and celebrate the institution of the story. This simple human thing that creates us and defines us.

And I’m thrilled to say I’ll be one of them! You can check out my full schedule here or check out the full list of convention programming here. Grab your ticket now, and I hope to see you there!

My Schedule

Friday, October 14

2:00pm: Kaffeeklatsch – Jonathan Ying & Katrina Ostrander

All kaffeeklatsch spots will be predetermined via lottery — those who received a slot will be notified via email before the event and are welcome to come sit down and have a chat & some coffee or tea! Enter the lottery here (you must have a NerdCon: Stories ticket to apply — the lottery closes September 25).

3:30pm: Friday Afternoon Variety Show

Hosted by Jenn Bane and Sandeep Parikh


  • A talk by M.T. Anderson
  • A performance by Dessa
  • A reading by Cindy Pon
  • A talk by John Scalzi
  • Stagecraft: Tips, Tricks, & Cheats by Rives
  • A talk by Saladin Ahmed
  • Paul Sabourin and Maureen Johnson in conversation
  • A talk on Narrative Structure in RPGs by Katrina Ostrander
  • A live comic reading by MariNaomi

Saturday, October 15

12:30pm: Storytelling in Tabletop Games

Role-playing and other tabletop games are a fantastic catalyst for collaborative storytelling. Creating narrative frameworks and game rules that allow players to have enough control over both story and interaction can be a tricky business. How do game designers do this, and what makes a game truly great?

2:00pm: A Whole New World

Worlds that are not ours — how do we make them real and believable? Authors’ imaginations and skills with the written word have the ability to created some of the most incredible, scary, shocking, and fascinating worlds known. Learn about the art of worldbuilding from these creators of universes.




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