Resources & Links


Campaign Builders’ Guild A community dedicated to the art of homebrew.
EnWorld Home of the Ennie Awards, and a wealth of RPG discussion besides.
RPG.net Reviews, columns, and a lively forum for gamemasters, players, and designers alike.
RPG Table Talk The official forums for the RPG Bloggers Alliance.
WotC Forums Half social network, half forums, filled with everything D&D, Magic, RPGA, etc.

RPG Blogs


Planet Story Games An aggregation of the content from many blogs, journals, and feeds relating to story gaming.
RPG Blog Alliance A community for RPG bloggers and podcasters.
RPG Bloggers Network The best in tabletop RPG blogs.

For Gamemasters

Gnome Stew
Scrolls of the Platinum Warlock
Sly Flourish

For the Newbies

Newbie DM


Dragon Age Oracle

Campaign Construction & World Building

Campaign Mastery

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