Had enough of reading, and want to take a more hands-on approach to improving your Gamemastering skills? Compiled here are the exercises from the blog, sorted by topic to facilitate navigation.

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Story & Character

Both make up the spine and ribs (respectively) of any campaign. Do your game’s skeleton a favor and drink the equivalent of a glass of milk:

    The NPC Strikes Back
  1. Make a list of the assumptions your specific group makes concerning NPC’s. Actually write it down, don’t just think about it. You’ll find you come up with more that way, and it forces you to pin it down into words instead of floating around a vague concept.
  2. Next, take each of these assumptions, and think of a solution. Now add one or two of these solutions to your NPC’s as you play them. You needn’t use them all on one, but you could if you wanted to make a real prick (like our Dog here). This will add a measure of challenge to they way your players interact with the NPC’s, and it will likely foster more role-play. They’ll have to think harder, and they’ll come away from it feeling better having succeeded against the odds instead of waltzing through the story.
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