Looking Ahead to Gen Con


It’s really only a little more than a month away, and I’m excited to be going to “the best four days in gaming” (for my first time) as part of the Fantasy Flight Games team. Also for the first time, FFG is going to be demoing all of their role-playing game lines for beginners and experts alike. Not only do I get to introduce people to the game line I work on, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, but I also get to GM one of my favorite game systems and settings in general, Warhammer Fantasy 3rd edition.

I played one of my all-time most memorable characters for a yearlong campaign using WFRP3, and then picked up with the campaign’s “sequel” two years later during my last semester at college. We went pretty off the rails in terms on canon, but Morvael the Swordsmaster and Soraen the Apprentice Mage were a fantastic High Elven couple, even if they were always two ships passing in the night. I also tried for a long time to get a campaign going of the 1st edition adventure path, “The Enemy Within,” and even got to play one or two starting sessions of “Shadows Over Bögenhafen,” but things always fizzled out due to scheduling, interest, or whathaveyou.

Now it seems sweetly vindicating that I get to run the first part of FFG’s spiritual successor of the same name at Gen Con, “Shadows over Avenheim”:

Averheim is a city under a shadow. It seems that a new crime lord is making his presence felt in the busy (and very smelly) dockside of the city. Whilst looking into a rash of disappearances, the PCs may become caught up in events that could eventually shake the Empire to its core. Pre-generated characters will be provided.

Of course, I also get to a run a brand-new Star Wars: Edge of the Empire module aimed at experienced players and Player Characters, in addition to demoing Shadows of a Black Sun for newcomers. After Matwe, Jovel, Sinoca, and Trey’Essek manage to make enemies or allies of Black Sun on Coruscant, they find themselves facing what becomes “A Matter of Life and Death,” written by the Beginner Game’s own, Daniel Lovat Clark:

A simple delivery of medical droids and supplies to a needy settlement goes wrong as soon as the good ship Shell Game reaches the Felucia system. Between the Empire, Black Sun, and a dangerous fungal plague, it’s looking less and less likely that they’ll be able to walk away with a profit. And what if the Imperials are right, and their cargo is not as harmless as it appears? Pre-generated characters will be available at the event. If you would prefer to bring your own character, please use the following parameters: Create a starting character using only the rules from the Edge of the Empire core rulebook with an additional 100 xp and 1500 credits. You may not take additional Obligation. You may not purchase Restricted items.

I’m really looking forward to all three scenarios, and will try (likely in vain) to get a little more sleep (or a few more energy drinks) than I did at Origins.

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