Arrow in the Knee (A Skyrim Prequel RPG Campaign)


After a dry spell of gaming all winter, spring is filled with opportunities to finally get playing. I’m running “Wedding Knight” for myself for my birthday, working on finishing Sasarindo in time for WittCon IX, and even have a campaign in the works. On somewhat of a side note, I’ve also begun reading Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games series, which is actually quite the treat. Hurray for the movie coming out later this month!

Unfortunately, the biggest obstacle to Sasarindo at this time is the amount of material I lost when my hard drive bit the dust around the holidays. I lost the custom clan sheets I’d created in addition to the character sheets I’d filled out and the stats I’d calculated for them. Hopefully I can remember and recreate that without spending a ton of time on it, so I can focus on crafting the scenes and encounters themselves.

Trying to cram-pack a whole war into a four hour session is going to be daunting as hell, I realize, especially when I’m also trying to play to the politics of some of the characters. So, inspired by a blog article I read on creating the villain’s plans and seeing how the PC’s interrupt them, I’m going to develop a set of strategies for Kiyomori and his clan to use, thereby providing me scene if the players themselves are not bold enough to craft their own, and hopefully the characters will get sick of his machinations and either unify to destroy him, or succumb to his plots and tear each other apart. Compared to the cooperation of my first WittCon session, the third will be utterly cutthroat.

More excitingly, I’m prepping to run a Savage Worlds conversion of the Elder Scrolls game (courtesy of the JourneymanGM) to playtest but also to enjoy. To reflect the humor that will sometimes pop up (as opposed to “stiffly rolling d20’s at the table,” as Eric so affectionately terms my serious games), I’ve titled the campaign “Arrow in the Knee.” Cue dramatic background music:

In a world where common prisoners can become legends, I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow in the knee…

Before they became guards, they were brave adventurers. Who were they, exactly? What amazing sights did they see? What treasures did they unearth? The year is 4E 198, and Tamriel awaits its next hero.

I’ve started up an Obsidian Portal site to chronicle our misadventures. Right now I’m shooting for an episodic format, probably with some sort of travel conceit going on, but one that has to be flexible enough for the rotation of some twelve players to drop by some weeks and not others depending on their schedule. And I even knuckled down and bought the Deluxe Edition of Savage Worlds for the occasion. Overall I’m pretty excited, and I think my players are too. So expect to hear more on that front.

Free time is for wusses.

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