Rokugan Style: A Game of Chrysanthemum Thrones


Given the change of system, I felt obliged to change the promotional image as well. (Though technically it’s the Oriental Adventures LARP, this cover was just too perfect to resist.)

"Too much fun"-desu

An Invitation to the Winter Court

Greetings, honored visitor, to an isolated corner of the Empire not often seen, but wondrous to behold.

On the cusp of the year of the that may come to mark a renewed spiritual vigor in the Emerald Empire, it is my honor as the Emperor Hantei the Thirty Fifth’s Official Voice to invite you to the grand celebrations which are to be held throughout the cold winter months. Time passes so quickly in our realm, and the seasons seem to blend into one another amid the flurry of changes and events. Let us spend time in the company of others, enjoying the rare privilege of distinguished hospitality on behalf of our enigmatic hosts, that we may share in the culture and history of each year, as we celebrate beneath the loving wisdom of the Sun Mother, and the noble lineage of her beloved Youngest Son.

The Emperor has spent many months traveling through his lands, meeting the daimyos and esteemed Champions of each of his loyal houses, and has decided, in his great wisdom and magnificence, to winter within the profound walls of Shiro Yogo, the Castle of Learning. Seated in the foothills of the Seikitsu sano Yama no Oi, the ancestral home of the Yogo has opened its gates to the Court of the Shining Prince, and to you.

The Floating Court of the Heavens and the excitement of the Winter’s Tournament await you. His Excellence anticipates your arrival personally and I, his Master of Ceremonies, have prepared the castle for your stay.

Let the games of winter begin!

Miya Katsura
Imperial Herald

2 Responses to “Rokugan Style: A Game of Chrysanthemum Thrones”

  1. Laraqua says:

    Now THAT is a beautiful poster. I’m guessing you had a real budget for that LARP or a volunteer who was a handy artist. Makes me wish I could play…

    • Kat says:

      I’m a budding graphic designer, but really it wasn’t much more work than making the “Crysanthemum” and “Live Action Role-play” text and rubber stamping out the Emerald Empire bit. Everything else was on the existing cover.

      If I get the chance, I mean to offer the scenario and characters here on TripleCrit after it’s played. So if you can round up two dozen or so of your friends or local area gamers… 🙂

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