#RPGaDay 8: Favorite Character


The Official #RPGaDay Meme

The Official #RPGaDay Meme

#RPGaDay post eight: my favorite character!

Man, there are so many good characters to choose from in the last year alone: Agasha Kirari, my firey shugenja from L5R; Asra, my magic knight of light and dark; and Eshe, my human replica droid Teräs Käsi-user (and general ass-kicker). But the character who has stuck with me since college has to be Movael, my High Elf Swordmaster from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition. He was my first “tragic” character, as well as one of my longest-running.

He had secretly fallen in love with the mage he had sworn to protect, Soraen Aurelarn, and he fled to the Empire in order to rediscover his path. His obsession attracted the attention of a daemon of Slaanesh, and soon “Soraen,” too, had mysteriously arrived in Altdorf. Ultimately, his path led him back to Ulthuan where he sacrificed himself to protect the White Tower of Hoeth (and his beloved) from daemonic incurison. His soul was trapped in his sword, but his body became a puppet of the Ruinous Powers. I played Soraen Aurelarn in a sequel campaign Ebbs ran two years later, and she wielded Morvael’s greatsword as a magic staff (Fuu Hououji-style) and slowly discovered the depths of his devotion for her, returning his feelings little by little. We didn’t quite get to finish that campaign, but both characters still stand out to me. Damn, now I really want to commission some fanart…

What is your favorite character from a tabletop RPG?

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  1. DanielC says:

    This one is actually easy for me. Jon Edgar Rook, my Arkham-born, Harvard wash-out, poker-addicted, nightmare-haunted madman of a magician and sorcerer in Deadlands. Rook was where I learned that watching a character fail could be as fun as watching him succeed. Just about the only things Rook was good at were lying, gambling, magic (sorta, because Deadlands had a dangerous magic system), and staring into the abyss and not flinching. He was the sort of character where I’d preface my turns with “okay, I have a terrible idea…” And the fun part was watching those ideas work. Sort of. Sideways. Well, SOMETHING interesting was going to happen whenever Rook had an idea.

    Also, very occasionally he would one-shot a major arc villain because Deadlands magic is super swingy.

    Best moment: running into a room full of bad guys, slamming the door behind me, and shouting “Quick! We’re under attack!”


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