Sailor Moon Role-playing Resources


SMRPGThere aren’t many resources left on the Net for the Guardians of Order Sailor Moon Roleplaying Game, but below is my attempt to collect them, resources of my own creation, and Sailor Moon-related links.


The Sailor Moon RPG Tumblr has a collection of GM and player advice specific to the tabletop game.

Character Creation

OtakuSenshi.com and the Sailor Star Seed Supply Shoppe are both great sites that give advice on the various considerations of making your own Sailor Senshi, including names, outfit, attacks, and so on.

Game Reference Sheets

You can download copies of the Character Sheets at RPGSheets.com

Here is a Chargen Reference Sheet for building characters when you need to share a core rulebook between the group members. You will still need a core rulebook in order to create characters.

Play Online

There is a Roll20.net Sailor Moon tabletop RPG campaign looking for players as of 10/11/14.


The Alexandrian blog hosts archived reviews of the Sailor Moon Role-Playing Game and Resource Book, The Complete Book of Yoma Volume 1, and even the Character Diaries for the Sailor Scouts, Dark Warriors, and Knights. In case you weren’t convinced yet.

Watch Sailor Moon for Free

Viz is distributing the new Sailor Moon Crystal series as well as subbed and dubbed (coming soon) versions of the original anime on Hulu.com. You don’t need a Hulu Plus subscription, either.

Wikis, Directories, and Informative Sites

For information about the latest Sailor Moon news, MoonKitty.net isthe best aggregate. Ten(Sen)Shi is a quality Sailor Moon web directory that will allow you to find countless websites dedicated to Sailor Moon. Finally, the Galaxy Cauldron seems to be one of the better Sailor Moon forums out there.

For Sailor Moon lore, you can’t go wrong at The Oracle, WikiMoon, or the Sailor Moon Wikia.

Last updated 4/5/15.

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